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Accountancy Bulgaria is the agency based in Sofia specializes in accounting and tax consulting for companies in Bulgaria. Our customers from Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK, Holland, France and all over Europe trust our reputation as the best accountant in Bulgaria.

The main goal of Accountancy Bulgaria is to help international companies to establish and grow their business in Bulgaria.

We provide a wide range of services, from bookkeeping to financial advisor Bulgaria.
Request a free 30 minutes meeting with our company advisor Bulgaria and take the best advice to establish your business in Bulgaria, or detail how we can help your already established business.

Accountancy Bulgaria

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Not only do we love to help self-employed people open their businesses in Bulgaria, but we also strive to help existing businesses grow.

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Accountancy Bulgaria: know your accountant in Sofia

The man behind Accountancy Bulgaria Agency is Herman Van Der Mosen.
He translated over 30 years of experience in different countries into Accountancy Bulgaria, an accounting company based in Sofia that specializes in offering the best accounting services in Bulgaria to increase the profitability of foreign companies in this country.

Herman’s expertise, insight, and knowledge is evident in everything Accountancy Bulgaria does.

The services his company provides go beyond simple bookkeeping and expand into company advisor Bulgaria, tax advisor and general accounting in Bulgaria, supplying foreign businesses with the tools required to achieve success.

Having an accountant in Bulgaria is a must for foreign companies registered in this country. Either new or already established, large or small businesses, Accountancy Bulgaria has tailored solutions for all.

For those looking into taking advantage of the lower tax scheme and all the business financial benefits this European country offers, counting with Herman’s years of experience and knowledge in accountancy in Bulgaria is a valuable resource.

Accountancy Bulgaria was born of the professionalism and extensive knowledge Herman gained in banking, finance, brokerage and accounting, leading him to create his own accountancy company in Bulgaria. Herman has a firm commitment to providing the highest quality accounting services, not only aiming toward his clients achieving their business goals, but also providing personalized solutions and customized plans.

Herman is considered a reliable and trusted financial advisor in Bulgaria by clients from all over the world.

With Accountancy Bulgaria Agency, Herman dedicates time to learn about his clients’ needs, projects, ambitions, and long and short-term financial goals. Being a fluent multilingual and an expert in his field, he is able to provide more than an accounting service…

Without a doubt, a key aspect that has made Accountancy Bulgaria so successful and trustworthy.

If you are a foreign company looking for an accountant in Bulgaria, or require a Tax advisor Bulgaria, look no further. You’ve come to the right place. Herman’s company Accountancy Bulgaria, has the solutions your company needs.

Our Services

Need support to establish and grow your company in Bulgaria?

Discover here what kind of service we can offer you and your company.

Accounting Services

Take the hassle out of bookkeeping! Let us help you with up-to-date and accurate monthly bookkeeping, so you can focus on growing your business without the headache of paperwork.

Tax Consultancy

We provide your business with the most efficient and secure solutions to help you stay on top of all the latest tax regulations. We will help you save time, and money, and avoid any costly mistakes.

Management Reports

Struggling with manual reporting and spending hours pouring through data? We will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your business performance and help you make smarter decisions.

PayRoll and Remuneration

For small business owners, managing payroll and remuneration can be time-consuming and tedious. With our service solutions, you can simplify the process while keeping your team motivated.

Annual Accounting Reporting

We provide valuable insights into your company’s performance, allowing you to make informed decisions. With our comprehensive suite of services, you can rest assured that all books are in order.

Administrative Services

Let us handle all of your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture. We offer virtual administrative services that streamline your business operations, keeping you organized and efficient.

Internal Audit

Do you dread the audit process? End your audit stress with us. We simplify your audit process by collecting data and providing reports. This means you can focus on other tasks.

Corporate Finance

Simplify your corporate finance with our service. Our process takes the headache out of managing your finances, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Company Registration

Are you starting a new business? We make it easy for you to form your business with just a few clicks. We provide an end-to-end service for business registration in Bulgaria.

Case Studies

Discover which companies we recently helped

Read more about companies we have helped. Discover the story of the company we supported and how we helped them grow their business in Bulgaria.

CVDK International

This case study explores the story of an entrepreneur who moved to Bulgaria and used the bookkeeping services of Accountancy Bulgaria to streamline their business operations.

Marketing King

Marketing King is a marketing company owned by Jonathan Bouckaert, a Belgian who moved to Bulgaria in 2019. In order to help him grow his business, Jonathan sought out the bookkeeping services of Accountancy Bulgaria. In this case study, we will explore how Accountancy Bulgaria’s services have helped Marketing King become a successful business.

Euro Regio Service

I had been searching for a dependable accountant in Bulgaria for quite some time and had gone through several unreliable options before finding VDM International.

Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

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Accountancy Bulgaria has saved me a lot of pressure from my shoulders. Because of them I can focus 100% on a daily basis on what I like to do and what I am good at. Accountancy Bulgaria has not only allowed my business to grow, but also myself as a person.

    Jonathan Bouckaert
    Jonathan Bouckaert


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