What is the difference between EOOD and OOD Bulgaria?

what is an ood company

When talking about company formation in Bulgaria, the most common kinds of companies that attract entrepreneurs are the EOOD and OOD. Both these companies have limited liability, meaning the shareholders are not personally liable for company debt and financial responsibilities. We will further go into detail about what each type of company is, what is […]

Commercial Act Bulgaria: the details

commercial act bulgaria

The Commercial Act Bulgaria is a document that establishes the different laws that regulate the incorporation, capital, and management of companies in Bulgaria. Entrepreneurs must abide by the Bulgaria Commercial Law, which is a set of rules that commands all business activities in Bulgaria and even defines the types of legal entities allowed to have […]

All you need to know about Bulgaria Ltd

bulgaria ltd

Bulgaria is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe for companies that may be looking for ways to increase their profits while reducing their costs. Mainly, it is the tax scheme that appeals to businessmen and entrepreneurs.  In fact, corporate tax is a flat rate of 10% on the company income minus deductions for […]

Personal income tax in Bulgaria: a definite guide

personal income tax bulgaria

Bulgaria has placed itself among the most attractive countries in Europe thanks to its easy and straightforward tax system and regulations, including personal income tax Bulgaria.  In order to benefit to the maximum of the tax scheme in Bulgaria, it’s a good idea to count on the services of a company like Accountancy Bulgaria. Not […]

Bulgaria company and corporate law

bulgarian corporate and company law

The Bulgarian Commercial Act regulates the Bulgarian corporate law, among other things.  Bulgarian corporate law is described in Art. 63, where it defines the specifics of the association of two or more persons for commercial transactions.  According to the Bulgarian corporate law companies are considered legal entities due to their form of incorporation, and there […]

How to get a Bulgarian Residency by Company Formation

residency permit by company formation bulgaria

Obtaining a Bulgarian Residency by company formation is something quite common and it may be a way for non-EU citizens to have a door opening towards the European Union, among many other benefits. There is no business route that will directly lead to a visa or residency, however, opening a company in Bulgaria may be […]

How to start a business in Bulgaria as a foreigner

starting a company in bulgaria as a foreigner

Bulgaria is a very attractive country for anyone interested in setting up a company, with direct access to the European Union, an effective tax system with lower rates compared to other EU countries, an educated and multilingual workforce that is cheaper, and excellent options in a very positive business environment supported by the government. There […]

Long-Term Residence Permit in Bulgaria: How to obtain one

long term residence permit bulgaria

If you are wondering how to obtain a long-term residence permit in Bulgaria you have come to the right place.  Foreign citizens interested in staying in Bulgaria for a long period of time must apply for a long-term residence permit Bulgaria. There are different options and steps to follow, and the process may vary depending […]

Residence permit Bulgaria for non EU citizens: all you need to know

residence permit bulgaria non eu citizens

All you need to know about Residence permit Bulgaria for non EU-citizens, requirements, visas and how to do it. Thinking of starting your own company in Bulgaria, or maybe settling down in this country as a freelancer to take advantage of the positive financial environment and advantageous tax scheme? A residency permit is necessary for […]

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