Accountancy Services in Bansko for Digital Nomads

accountancy service in Bansko for digital nomads

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Digital nomads have chosen Bansko as one of the favorite places in Bulgaria for freelancers and remote workers, and a whole community with a particular culture has been created around this, transforming Bansko into a digital nomad hub. 

In fact, for the fifth year, the Bansko Nomad Fest is taking place in the city, celebrating the digital nomad life. What was originally a small gathering of think-alike people, has developed into a week-long event with live-streamed talks, dinners, and fun activities and parties.

The Bansko Nomad Fest is a great opportunity for freelancers and remote workers to connect with others in their fields and with similar lifestyles. And with people from many different countries participating, it is a great opportunity for newcomers to discover the best strategies to settle in Bansko as a digital nomad and succeed. And that includes accountancy services in Bansko.

Accountancy Bulgaria can offer bookkeeping services and tax advice to freelancers looking into registering in Bulgaria and making Bansko their new working background and also established digital nomads that are looking for a reliable and trustworthy accounting company that can help them take care of their financial needs while working in Bulgaria. 

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What is Bansko Nomad Fest and why worth a visit

In 2024, the Basko Nomad Fest is happening between June 23 and June 30. 

During the Bansko Nomad Fest, the mornings are usually dedicated to talks and conferences about the digital nomad lifestyle, remote work, and a variety of topics like health, IA, marketing, etc. 

During the festival, the evenings are dedicated to fun events to socialize, like dancing, karaoke, hot springs, and bonfires. 

In the afternoons during the Bansko Nomad Fest, people are encouraged to participate in community lunches and networking dinners. There are also different corners for games, networking, etc. And a variety of workshops available for participants.  

Accountancy Bulgaria is available to meet clients in Bansko. If you are looking to make Bulgaria your base of operations as a digital nomad, you most definitely need an accountant to deal with your taxes and regular bookkeeping. Accountancy Bulgaria is the best option to help your freelance business succeed, as they have years of experience working with digital nomads, as well as a great reputation for excellent customer care, including free consultation to assess the particular needs of your freelancer business and in turn, design tailored solutions.

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Why Bansko has become Bulgaria’s digital nomad paradise?

Why has Bansko become a digital nomad hub? There are many reasons.

It may come as a surprise to think of this smaller city in Bulgaria, a mountain resort area, becoming a digital nomad hub, as often we see remote workers opting for places near the sea. 

One of the main reasons is the cost of living. It is commonly known that digital nomads are always in search of cheaper accommodation and food, which would allow them to have a more flexible lifestyle and use their money in a way that lets them have fun and enjoy life. And Bansko offers this.

But Bansko has even more to offer. With a large community of digital nomads from all around the world living and working in this city, there are interesting opportunities for those looking to meet people alike, share coworking spaces, and enjoy events like the Bansko Nomad Fest, the Jazz Festival and hiking sessions on the mountain.

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Accounting services in Bansko

Accountancy Bulgaria offers its services to clients based in Bansko. 

Registering as a freelancer in Bulgaria is usually a simple process, even opening a company in Bulgaria is straightforward and it takes only a few business days. In either case, the services of an experienced accountant who can advise on the best strategies for your specific needs, as well as take care of the accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, is a decision that will save you a lot of time. Time that can be best assigned to developing and growing your business. 

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