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Bulgaria has placed itself among the most attractive countries for companies looking to maximize their profits, pay lower taxes, or benefit from an educated and more affordable workforce. 

There are many reasons a company would find it advantageous to set up a branch business in Bulgaria. However, there is no doubt that the main reason Bulgaria has become a tax haven is thanks to its 10% flat rate tax on corporate income

The country has also actively sought to create an encouraging and appealing business environment with legislation that makes it easy and straightforward for companies to relocate to Bulgaria. 

To start a company in Bulgaria is rather trouble-free and with the right consultants and accounting services, it can be a simple process. 

Let’s discuss the different tax numbers in Bulgaria, and in particular, the TIN, or Tax Identification Number, a very interesting aspect of the financial Bulgarian system. 

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Different Tax Numbers in Bulgaria

We will present some of the different tax numbers in Bulgaria, and discuss each one in detail. While Bulgaria has a somewhat simpler tax system compared to other countries, we highly recommend engaging an accountant in Bulgaria.

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Unified Civil Number or UCN

This is a ten-digit number assigned by the Ministry of Interior to all individuals. As such it works as an ID and it’s unique to each person. It is present on every individual’s documents.

For example: 9999999999

Unified Identification Code or UIC

The UIC is a code of nine digits that is assigned to all legal entities at the moment of the company registration Bulgaria. In fact, it is the Registry Agency that assigns the Unified Identification Code to new corporations.

For example: 999999999

Value Added Tax number or VAT

Most companies need to register with the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency to proceed with their commercial activities. In this case, a VAT number is formed by either 9 digits (for corporations) or 10 digits (for individuals), and it is preceded by the prefix BG, for the country, Bulgaria.

For example: BG 999 999 999

TIN or Tax Identification Number

Most European countries use these Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) to identify taxpayers. It is a much easier system than using names or addresses. Each country may have slight variations on the format of their TINs, however, there are projects that collect data and make it easier for investors and stakeholders to find the relevant information at a European level. 

Also worth noticing, some European countries do not use TINs, and while they have other identification numbers that may be used similarly to TIN, it is not an EU measure, and each country deals with it differently.

All residents of Bulgaria automatically receive a TIN number, in fact for those born in the country, the TIN is assigned at birth. TIN numbers, as the name suggests, are used for tax purposes.

For foreigners who apply for residency in Bulgaria, the TIN is assigned at the time of issuing the necessary paperwork for the residency.

Legal entities also receive a TIN from the Registry Agency, at the time of registration or incorporation. Usually, this is considered in the cost of registering a company in Bulgaria


The tax system in Bulgaria is simple, straightforward, and very appealing to foreign companies looking to take advantage of the Bulgarian rules and legislations, a lower corporate income tax, interesting business opportunities, an affordable yet educated workforce, and the uncountable benefits of being part of the European Market

Among the different tax numbers we discuss, some may be necessary for the individuals running the company in Bulgaria, who will probably apply for residency, others are for the company itself. 

Bulgaria, like many other European countries, uses the identification number commonly called TIN. This Tax Identification Number is given to all residents for tax purposes. What is interesting, is that Bulgaria assigns a TIN number to all residents automatically, basically identifying them as taxpayers from the moment they are born. 

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