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Choosing an accountant in Bulgaria to do your corporation taxes and manage your company’s numbers is a very important decision for any business that decides to operate in Bulgarian territory and benefit from the tax scheme and financial environment this European country has. 

This is especially relevant when we are talking about companies registered in Bulgaria but run by foreigners, a very common situation in Bulgaria, as they are often not physically present in the country and require a reliable accounting service Bulgaria that will keep up with the company’s taxes and even act as a financial advisor Bulgaria. 

If you are in London and looking for a Bulgarian accountant, you may want to start looking for an accountant in Sofia or Bulgaria in general.

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When do you need a Bulgarian accountant?

Anyone thinking of opening a company in Bulgaria will find themselves looking for an accounting service in the country. From day-to-day bookkeeping to yearly tax reports, having a reliable accounting service in Bulgaria is a must. 

A reputable Bulgaria accounting service, like Accountancy Bulgaria, will become a partner towards the success of a company. Among their services, we can find tax consultancy, administrative services, payroll, financial reports, annual accounting, internal audits, and a lot more, including company registration in Bulgaria. 

Accountancy Bulgaria even offers a free consultation to find out what are your business’ accounting needs and how they can help your company each step of the way. 

Setting up a business in Bulgaria 

Bulgaria has become a tax haven in recent years, and it has become rather popular thanks to a very simple tax scheme and a very optimistic and beneficial financial environment, especially welcoming to foreigners setting up their businesses in Bulgaria. The country has found a viable and interesting option to promote the local economy by welcoming foreign companies.

Registering a company is a simple process, even if you are a foreigner. There are a few options, and a notary has to be involved, but overall, the registration of a new company takes only a few working days, and in some cases, the proprietary doesn’t even have to be present to do so.

Taxes in Bulgaria

As we have already mentioned, the tax system in Bulgaria is rather simple. This is mainly to a flat rate of 10% on all corporate profit. 

The Bulgarian tax system doesn’t have complicated rules or secret loopholes. 10% is paid in taxes once a year of the profit of a company (after deducting costs). They don’t even need prepayments, and taxes are paid by the end of June of each year. Regardless, having a Tax advisor in Bulgaria is a great idea to achieve success, especially if you’re looking to start a company in Bulgaria.

Efficient bookkeeping is important in cases of audits, though they tend to be quite lenient, and if taxes are filed and reports are made annually, the whole process is rather simple and painless. Depending on a reliable and trustworthy Bulgarian accountant in Sofia may be the best choice. 

Choosing a Bulgarian accountant in Sofia

Choosing the right Bulgarian accountant is a decision that will impact the chances of success and even maximize your company’s profitability. 

Keep in mind that Bulgaria has a different language and while English is widespread in the business world, there are many government and financial responsibilities that will be in Bulgarian, a language that uses a completely different alphabet. As a foreign company owner in Bulgaria, or someone looking to register a LTD company in Bulgaria, having an accountant in Sofia that speaks several languages will be a major asset.  

A very easy way to decide if an accounting service in Sofia is right for your company is to meet them beforehand and assess what your business’ accounting needs are and how they can help with that. Accountancy Bulgaria offers a free consultation, and this is a sign of reputability and the trust they have in themselves being able to help you with whatever your company’s needs are in Bulgaria. 

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