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Bulgarian road tax

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When we are talking about Bulgarian Road Tax, we refer to the sum of money paid to the government to maintain and repair roads, this is paid to the municipality of the address in the vehicle registration. However, it is often confused with the Toll, which is a fee to use certain roads and bridges. 

Bulgaria has a great road system and offers well-maintained roads that connect all the country and the neighboring ones too. 

It was common in Bulgaria to talk about “vignettes” or vignette toll, both terms referring to the fee that allows transport vehicles to circulate on highways and national roads. 

Today, in Bulgaria, we talk about e-vignettes, electronic vignette, or BG Toll, which is an online registration fee bought for a specific amount of time that could go from a day, a weekend to a whole year. 

E-Vignettes can be bought online and are part of a more technological and modern Bulgaria.

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Car registration in Bulgaria 

As an individual, a person can register a car as a personal asset. The requirements include: valid Bulgarian ID card, European Ownership documents, third-Party liability Insurance, proof of paid Eco Tax, current EU registration documents, current license plates or export plates.

A car can also be registered as a company asset. In this case the requirements are the following: a Certificate of Good Standingthirdparty liability insurance, proof of paid Eco Tax, old European registration documents, current license plates or export plates.

Advantages of registering your vehicle in Bulgaria

There are a few very interesting benefits of registering your vehicle in Bulgaria.

  • In Bulgaria you pay municipality tax on the car based on the address of registration. This tax will vary depending on the power of the car engine, combined with the year of manufacture and the ecological status of your vehicle.
  • Cheaper and easier MOT – MOT is the technical assessment done every year on all vehicles. Bulgaria is much cheaper compared to other EU countries. The cost of the technical assessment in Bulgaria begins at only 60 BGN or 30 EU
  • To drive your car on public roads the government charges stickers which could be purchased either for one year, six months, one month, one week or daily. 
  • A great benefit is that third party car insurance in Bulgaria is the cheapest in the whole of the European Union. The price of third party car insurance is based on different aspects, like the engine power of your car, the year of manufacturing. Based on number from 2022 the cost is around 350 BGN per year. What is really appealing is that the third party car insurance from Bulgaria is also valid in all EU states and even outside of Europe. As the name states, this insurance covers all damages and liabilities caused to a third party. 

BG Toll

The newer system allows for a digital vignette that can be paid online, to be linked to the registration number of the vehicle and can be easily scanned via camera when passing a toll in the highway. Stationary cameras and mobile control units identify the license plate of the vehicle, and verifies in the central system, registering the correct or incorrect use of the paid road network automatically

Sale of e-vignettes can be found at bgtoll.bg, via mobile application, in self-service terminals and at contract sellers.

For vehicles up to 3.5 tons, a valid vignette is necessary not only on highways and main national roads, but also smaller roads. This is true for vehicles with at least 4 wheels.

For vehicles over 3.5 tons, the prices are just slightly higher.

Heavy vehicles transporting goods may opt for a Route Pass.

Different kinds of vignettes in Bulgaria

–        Daily vignette: for the day chosen.

–        Weekly vignette: valid seven days from the day it was issued.

–        Monthly vignette: valid for one calendar month from the date it was issued.

–        Annual vignette: valid from January first of the year it was issued to January 31 of the following year. 

–        There are also weekend and quarterly vignettes available.

Fines and controls are not rare when it comes to the road tax in Bulgaria. Foreigners that leave the country and are found to have gone over the vignette validity will be asked to pay for the over period, something similar happens with residents if leaving the country, they are found to have an expired vignette. 

What is the cost of BG Toll in Bulgaria, 2023?

These are the most current prices for vignettes in Bulgaria in 2023. In fact, it was announced in December 2022 that all tax road prices for e-vignettes were being reduced by 10% starting January 1st 2023. 

–        Weekend prices: 9 BGN

–        Week prices: 13 BGN

–        Monthly prices: 27 BGN

–        Quarterly prices: 48 BGN

–        Annual prices: 87 BGN

These prices are for vehicles up to 3,5 tons. Vignettes are compulsory for vehicles with at least 4 wheels, so motorcycles and bicycles are exempt from this tax.

BG Toll Tips in Bulgaria

BG Toll is applicable to main highways but also national roads around the country.

Vignettes can be bought online and on a mobile app making it easy and accessible.

Road taxes for company registered vehicles are also to be considered by those looking into registering a company registration in Bulgaria.

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