Long-Term Residence Permit in Bulgaria: How to obtain one

long term residence permit bulgaria

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If you are wondering how to obtain a long-term residence permit in Bulgaria you have come to the right place. 

Foreign citizens interested in staying in Bulgaria for a long period of time must apply for a long-term residence permit Bulgaria. There are different options and steps to follow, and the process may vary depending on your country of origin. 

The Bulgarian government has in place a Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Bulgaria Act that legislates foreigners’ residence permit applications. Based on their ruling, there are three types of residence permits in Bulgaria:

  • Extended residence permits (also called prolonged residence permits). These have a validity of a year and can be renewed.
  • Long-term EU residence permits in Bulgaria. These are exclusively available for EU citizens and are first issued for a period of five years, with the possibility of being renewed.
  • Permanent residence permit in Bulgaria. This permit is only available after spending certain amount of time in Bulgaria, usually as a resident with an extended residence permit. 

In most cases, for foreign citizens to obtain a long-term or permanent residence permit Bulgaria, they must first apply for a long-term visa, or visa type D.

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Why relocate to Bulgaria?

It is easy to think of some basic reasons why Bulgaria is such an interesting country to relocate to. Their beautiful cities, untouched natural scenery, long history, and amazing architecture, as well as lively cities like Sofia, are many reasons to apply for a long-term residence permit in Bulgaria.

We cannot fail to mention the fact that the cost of living in Bulgaria is considerably lower compared to other European countries. For companies and entrepreneurs, they will find labor is a lot more affordable, with one of the most educated workforces.

However, probably the main fact that many looking into long-term residence permit Bulgaria may consider as an attractive reason to relocate to Bulgaria, especially if interested in expanding their business, registering a company, and growing financially, is the fact that the country has a flat rate of 10% tax on income

Finally, Bulgaria being part of the European Union, acts as a perfect entryway into the EU market and many doors may open for those looking to enter the EU.

Requirements to apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria

These are the basic requirements for anyone applying for a long-term residence permit Bulgaria:

  • A passport (valid)
  • Proof of a place to stay in Bulgaria
  • Proof of sufficient means to support yourself
  • Insurance (for the total time of the applicant’s stay)
  • Information and documents about family and marital status
  • A long-term residence permit must be submitted three months before entering the country.

Long-term residence permits in Bulgaria

EU citizens will find it straightforward and easy to apply for long-term EU residence permits in Bulgaria. The long-term EU residence permit has a validity of 5 years and can be renewed.

For non-EU citizens, the process may take a few more steps, from obtaining a type D visa to applying for an extended residence permit in Bulgaria, which has a validity of one year and can be renewed.

Bulgaria is very active in seeking foreign investors and offers easier paths to a residence permit if applicants are committed to opening a business and promoting it in the territory of Bulgaria, they are considering registering a company in Bulgaria, which will create a minimum of ten jobs in Bulgaria, or are planning to invest in real estate in Bulgaria. 

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There are different kinds of residence permits in Bulgaria. The long-term residence permit Bulgaria can be obtained through different avenues, mostly depending on your country of origin. 

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